Extended Warranty

You are in good hands.


Plan a worry-free trip and count on your Premium or Limited plan to ensure your driving experience will be as carefree as possible. Let the extended warranty take care of unexpected expenses on the road. Most programs include additional options for 24/7 roadside assistance, rental, trip interruption, guaranteed price refund and deductible reduction.

Gap Insurance Benefits

GAP pays the difference between the total loss payout (due to fire, loss or accident) by your primary insurer and the outstanding financed amount. GAP is a warranty program that protects you against negative equity on your vehicle and is applicable to new or pre-owned vehicles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, personal watercraft, heavy trucks and equipment.

Life Insurance Benefits

With Creditor Insurance, you can rest assured that the insurance coverage you choose will reduce the financial impact on you and your loved ones if anything should happen to you. Life insurance will pay off the insured portion of the loan to the financial institution upon death. In such unforeseen cases, the Life coverage relieves the Insured’s family from the burden of the loan and allows them to keep the vehicle.

Theft Protection Benefits

More than 100,000 vehicles are stolen in Canada each year. By protecting your property with an etch program, we warrant it will not get stolen and if it is, you can get up to $7,600. Available for cars, trucks, recreational vehicle and travel trailers.
A traceable ID number is permanently etched into all the body panels of the vehicle, deterring thefts before they touch the car. Etching works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; nothing to switch on or off.

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